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The Differences Between Medicare and Medicaid

Medicare acts as an insurance program while Medicaid may be viewed as an assistance program. Medicare is credited with providing health coverage to people above 65 years, younger disabled citizens, and dialysis patients. Also, worth noting, Medicare is a federal program. These means its services are the same in the entire United States of America. An agency of the federal government runs all the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services.Medicare benefits are numerous, and one is eligible to a particular benefit if the said benefit is covered by the premium one is a beneficiary.Medicaid, on the other hand, provides health coverage to people earning very low incomes. It is a state and federal program. These means the local and state governments run the program, but they have to be within the guidelines formulated by the federal government. This program varies from state to state. Moreover, the patients do not pay any part of the costs for any covered medical expenses. However, at times a small co-payment is required. Some of the optional benefits of