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What do different parts of Medicare encompass?

Medicare breaks down into four separate parts. Each part offers a different set of features and services to Medicare patients:

  • Part A

    Medicare hospital insurance

  • Part B

    Medical insurance

  • Part C

    Medicare Advantage plans

  • Part D

    Prescription Drug Insurance (Outpatient)

Part A and B, known as Original Medicare provides eligible individuals with coverage and access to doctors, hospitals and other health care providers who accept Medicare; Part C, Medicare Advantage, is a private health insurance; Part D offers coverage for prescription drugs.

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Healthcare Insurance Basics

As an agent, there are many tools in place to help people who are selling Medicare Advantage plans. Because these are plans that the government administers, there are rules and restrictions for selling them.

Both Medicare and private insurance have benefits, and a lot of people believe that they need to select either one or the other. Private insurance providers sell private health insurance, and not through the government.

If you are just learning that there are late enrollment penalties for Medicare insurance, you are likely here to research how to avoid them.